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Top-Notch Data Extraction With Meaningful Insights

With us, you can extract, combine, and blend data from both structured and unstructured channels to improve integration with your business processes.

Personalized Data Extraction

Customized Extraction of Data for online Success

Your online business success heavily depends on the precise extraction of data. From market trend analysis to the formulation of strategy, Web Scraping’s data extraction services will help you boost your online presence. Outsmart your competitors with our following strategies:


Premium Data Extraction Services, we proudly serve.

Experience excellence with our premium data extraction services, tailored to perfection. At the forefront of quality and precision, we take pride in serving you with unparalleled expertise.


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We are committed to providing precisely structured and contextually relevant information that not only meets accuracy demands but also effortlessly matches your business requirements.

Leverage The Power of Data Extraction

Every business has different needs, and every competitor has a different strategy. Data extraction provides you with the advantage of formulating powerful strategies to stay ahead of others. Leverage the power of data extraction with Web Scraping Solutions, where we turn a sea of data into information for you.

Why Web Scraping?

Exceptional Features Setting Us Apart

Discover the special features that set our data extraction services apart. Choose us for a reliable and tailored solution that suits your needs perfectly.

A Wide Range of Data Extraction

We offer a wide range of data extraction like social media data extraction, e-commerce data extraction, web data extraction and beyound.

Customized Data to Fullfil Client Requirements

Our data extraction services are customized according to specific requirements of clients to help them boost their bussiness' success.

Real-Time Data Insights

Delivering real-time data insights alongside data extraction, we assist customers in formulating strategies to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Data Extraction: Step-by-Step

Tracing the Path of Data Extraction

Embark on a hassle-free data extraction adventure that’s smooth sailing. Tailored to prioritize you, expect precision and speed as we cater to your specific needs with expertise. In more detail, here’s how we get information for you in a structured way.


Data Mining

Data mining helps to sort disorganized data so that important insights can be extracted. It includes searching through databases, text data, and web material for relevant information.

Step 1

Data Processing

We carefully organise data from unstructured sources after sorting it.. Web Scraping Solutions effortlessly connects this ordered data with tables, indexes, metadata, and analytics for enhanced utility.

Step 2

Order Fulfillment

Process customer orders quickly and accurately to guarantee order fulfillment. Our efficient method puts accuracy first, cutting down on delays and raising client satisfaction levels all around.

Step 3

Unleashing Potential, Defining Edge

Attain a Competitive Edge Through Effective Data Extraction

Gain a competitive advantage in today’s market with our efficient data extraction services. This approach adeptly gathers information from various sources, aiding businesses in decision-making, trend identification, and sentiment analysis.


Our Projects

Our latest projects

Our curated case studies showcase our web scraping ability to turn multiple websites into structured datasets. Scraping Web Scraping

We automated job listing tracking and company data extraction on, providing our client with real-time insight into the labor market.
amazon scraping example Web Scraping

We scraped 1M Amazon products to assist our client in identifying profitable niches, completing the project swiftly and efficiently.

E-Commerce: Scrape 50 stores

We built a web scraping project to monitor 50 eCommerce domains, overcoming anti-bot measures and optimizing product information extraction using Scrapy Cloud.

Our Pricing

Our Pricing

One-time extraction


$ 600 / website
  • No subscription required
  • Set up fee included
  • Quality Assurance included
  • Data delivery to AWS S3

Regular updates


$ 300 / Month
  • Regular Dataset Updates
  • Set up fee included
  • Data delivery to AWS S3
  • Continuous Quality Assurance


Reviews from Our Clients:

Clay Willingham profile pic
Clay Willingham VP, Private Markets | S&P Global

Steve and team were able to offer great consultative advice on a development project we are considering. On point, fast responses, and knowledgeable on exactly what we needed to understand.

Victor Bolu CEO/Co-Founder at

Steve was extremely professional and was able to overcome very complex challenges in a timely manner

Co-Founder & CEO

Exceptional work and outcome. Understood the task very good. Great guy, knows how to deliver in time and quality. I would recommend Stapan for any work described in his services. Many thanks!!!


Great web crawling service! Good communication and prompt service.

Scraped a complicated site with hidden items because of drop-down menus. Excellent scrape of over 100,000 items into many different sql tables. 5 stars!! Will hire again if I need another scrape!

Very experienced web extractors. Will work with them again!


We are very happy with the work Web Scraping Solutions did for us. We will work with them again.


Thanks for the good work. Looking forward to work together on the next projects.


Did a great job

CEO & Co-Founder

Great working with Web Scraping Solutions - Thanks for all the hard work 🙂

They completed the job perfectly and on time. Account manager communicated both before and after the job and kept me updated throughout. Overall, great work and no complaints.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Equip yourself with precise answers as we unravel frequently asked questions regarding data extraction services.

Data extraction is the process of retrieving specific information from a dataset or source for analysis. It involves pulling relevant data points for reporting or further processing.

Data Extraction is important for making smart decisions. It helps analyze, report, and show trends. It also helps mix data, make business smarter, and do tasks automatically, making it easier to handle different sets of information.

With expertise in data extraction, we recognize diverse customer needs. Extracted datasets includes e-commerce data, customer data, social media data, Amazon data, eBay data, and more.

We deliver data in your preferred format, extracted according to your guidelines for maximum convenience and accuracy in presentation.

We handle your data in three steps. First, we understand your needs. Then, we extract data from your chosen site. Finally, we deliver the data according to your guidelines.

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How will customers benefit from our services?

eCommerce companies:

Be ahead of your competitors by intelligent price setting. Access to additional information can boost your sales by up to 85%

Wholesalers and manufacturers:

Know the stocks of your customers in near real-time. This information will help you predict the demand better and reduce your stockpile.

Data science teams:

Web scraping can be tedious. We will take care of that headache for you.

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